Friday, September 17, 2010

Class 2B License

Got my Class 2B License on 16 Sep 2010! :D

A few months back, June, I decided to enroll for a Class 2B license at Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC).

Started my first lesson, which was the 4 theory lessons, on the 1st of June and then proceeded to attend my first practical lesson on the 4th of June.

I was very nervous at first due to know having much background knowledge about motorcycles and I did not have any licences previously. At first it was a little weird to handle the bike because I'm not used to the weight of the bike and the co-ordination of the clutch, gears and brakes. I slowly started to grasp the concept as I went through more lessons. 

I completed my last practical lesson, which was Lesson 7 in SSDC, on the 2nd of August and was ready to book for my Traffic Police Test (TP). Got my TP Test date which was on the 16th of September which was quite a long wait. 

The day before TP, I couldn't sleep as I was feeling quite nervous. The whole time I was visualized the whole Test Route and what exactly was I suppose to do till.

Reported at SSDC on the day at 7am. Went to register myself and get my number tag. There we 90 student taking the test and I was the 66th position. At 7.15am everyone took their bikes and proceeded for a couple of rounds of warm ups. Then it was time for a short briefing before the actual test began.

It was anxious waiting for your turn to get on the bike and proceed on with your test as the testers will call out a few students at a time. Especially when you see a fellow student committing mistakes or falling off their bikes.

When it was my turn, I was a little nervous, I said some prayers and told myself that I've came this far and I shall give my best shot. I finished my around 10.45am and it was back to sitting down anxiously to wait for the results to be released. I was a little confident as I knew I only committed a few mistakes and no immediate failures.

Results was released around 11.30am. I was anxiously waiting for the results hoping my number tag would not be called out (Those number tags that were called out failed the test). The results on 90 students were split between 10 testers and it was a little pain as the testers took their time to consolidate the results and enter the waiting room at different timings. 

The door closed around 12.30pm and my number was not called out. The SSDC instructors then told us we have passed the test. Everyone was really happy and was congratulating one another however it was sad to see some of my friends who didn't make it together.

I was so happy and thankful that I passed! I proceeded on to apply for my driving license and went straight home to inform my parents about my result. It was then time to take a nap after the long day. 

It was a great Journey with SSDC and I hope to come back again for a different license and new Journey. :D


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